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Celebration Community Church
Bible Study

The Golden Calf and Sacred Cows

What's the Difference?

Exodus 32:1-6, 19-25

OPEN IT 1. Briefly discuss some wrong ideas about matters of faith that even some Christians believe and that are often hard to change: EXAMINE IT 2. What circumstances led up to the abandonment of the Israelites' faith? 3. Why do you think it was a calf that was made? 4. What do you think of Aaron's leadership and rationale for the calf? 5. Why is it so easy to believe in superstitions, "old wives tales", traditions, or even just personal preferences over God's Word? 6. What are some of the problems with making too much of things that are not really scriptural? APPLY IT 7. Prayerfully examine your "faith" practices and honestly separate out those that are just preferences and traditions not really backed by scripture. Get rid of those that are actually wrong and work to keep others in their rightful place - NOT as sacred cows, just preferences.

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