Studies in Ecclesiastes
Lesson #7 - "Life's Ultimate Meaning"

Eccl. 12:9-14


          1.  Who was (is) your favorite teacher in school?		Why?

               Who was (is) a favorite church teacher or preacher?		Why?


          2.  What did Solomon try to do with his wisdom and how did he follow his own advice in 9:10 “…do it with all 
               your strength…”?

          3.  How is teaching like using a cattle prod or a club with embedded nails?

          4.  What do you think is meant by the warning in verse 12b?

          5.  What was Solomon’s final conclusion about his search for meaning in life?


          6.  If being fearful is about our worship and keeping commandments is about our walk, what can you do to 
               improve either?  (think about it, then do it!)