Studies in Ecclesiastes
Lesson #6 - "You reap What You Sow"

Eccl. 10:1-11:6


          1.  Think of a time when you spoke too soon and wished you could take it back, but couldn’t.  Did you learn 

          2.  Watch How You Talk (and listen)
                         a. 10:12-14   Listen to fools – reap m_______________
                                       Listen to the wise – reap g_____
                         b. 10:20  Be careful what you say – people have a way of finding out!

          3.  Watch How You Walk
                         a. 10:8a         Sow traps for others – reap being trapped
                         b. 10:8b         Rush ahead – reap trouble
                         c. 11:1-2        Can you think of an old adage that advises us to be generous and gracious – if for no 
                                               other reason, than because it tends to come back to you?
           4.  Watch How You Work

                         a. 10:10	Take time to sharpen your “tools”, it’ll pay off in the long run.  In what areas ought we to 
                         apply this principle spiritually?
                         b. Work….
                                        …when?  11:4-6
                                        …diligently.    10:18, 9:10
                                        …generously.  11:1-2


               5.  Another old saying is “What’s down in the well, is what comes up in the bucket.”  What practices will 
                         ensure that what comes out in  our speech and actions will be good things?