Studies in Ecclesiastes
Lesson #5 - "One LIfe To Live"

Eccl. 9:7-10


     1 .  If you knew the world was going to end in one month, yet you couldn’t use any more money than you have right 
           now, what might you do in these last few days?


One Life to Live – Live It Now!
2. (vv. 7 & 9) Solomon seems to be encouraging us to live life well – now! Why now – why not wait?
One Life to Live – Live It Well!
3. (v.8) White clothing signifies righteousness; how does righteousness factor into living well today? 4. (v.8) Oil signifies the Holy Spirit; how does He factor into us living well today? 5. (v.10) What does “with all your strength” mean as to how we live well today? 6. (vv.7 & 9) If we live for the Lord and do that with all we’ve got, what should be the personal benefit? APPLY IT 7. What area(s) of your life could stand improvement in regard to “living well?” What will it take to get you to begin making the improvements?