Studies in Ecclesiastes
Lesson #3 - Looking for Authentic Significance

Eccl. 3:1-4:3


          1.  There is an appropriate time for all activities.  Are we governed by the times and the clock or do we govern 
               them?  The answer actually is “both”!     Can you give an example of each idea?


          2.  What activities bring you the most enjoyment?

          3.  How does believing in eternity (heaven or hell) affect the way we live now?  (Consider morals and treatment 
               of others, investing in spiritual matters – both time and money, how we grieve, etc.)

          4.  Verses 3:16-22 and 4:1-3 speak about things that are unfair and oppressive.  What about life today 
               seems “unfair” to you?

          5.  See 3:11   How has God brought “beauty” (peace and purpose) into times of your life that would otherwise 
               have been all ugliness, conflict and meaningless?


          6.  Solomon seems to be pointing out that man is very limited in his understanding and abilities.  That is only a 
               negative thing if we stop with that.  It becomes positive when we admit our limitations and trust in God to take 
               us beyond that!  What can we do to build our faith?