Announcing the King

Matt. 1:1-25
Focal passages: Matt.1:1-6, 18-25

Open It

     1.  Have you ever traced your family tree?  		Are there any “special” names among your ancestors
               (famous people, criminals, “oddballs”, etc.) – that you could tell about?
Examine It 2. Jesus descended from Abraham. What is the significance of this? 3. Jesus descended from David. What is the significance of this? 4. Matthew seems to especially note the presence of Tamar (v.3), Rahab and Ruth (v.5) and Bathsheba (v.6). What is the significance of each of these? 5. Having shown Jesus to be the true Messiah and rightful King of the Jews, Matthew showed Him to be special by His names as well. Jesus means _________________ and Immanuel means ________________________. Apply It 6. Celebrate God’s coming to us as Savior and King with a fresh commitment to follow Him and take encouragement knowing He can and will use anyone who chooses to follow Him.