Day 9

Read Mark 6:30-56
Focal Passage Mark 6:45-50

Overlooked Miracles

How do we recognize miracles? Many times, I think, we overlook God’s miracles and just chalk them up to part of life or a coincidence. I have three children, miracles from God. Did I think of them as miracles while raising them? I certainly did not. They were regular kids doing what most kids do at various stages of their lives.

A particular Halloween comes to mind. They had gone to town to go riding around with some friends. They hadn’t been gone too long when they returned home and they were very quiet. On further questioning I discovered there had been about 12 friends riding in a pickup truck, some in front and more in back. The truck had rolled over with everyone in it. Fortunately no one was hurt. Somehow they were able to roll the truck right side up and drive it back to town. I don’t know how they all survived without injuries except that it was a miracle. Did I think it was a miracle at the time? Probably not, but looking back I now know it was an overlooked miracle. Hopefully I remembered to thank God for keeping those kids safe.

I look back now and realize there were many other times when God intervened with our lives and I hope we remembered to thank Him. Now my kids are grown and I have grandkids. Are they miracles from God? You Bet!

Prayer: Lord, help us to recognize Your miracles no matter how great or small and help us remember to say “Thank You” for all You do. Be with us as we try to do Your will so we might have a closer relationship with You.

Cheryl Rhodes