Day 8

Read Mark 6:1-29
Focal Passage Mark 6:1-6

Sink Or Swim

As a young girl, I desperately wanted to learn to swim. My dad would hold me up and tell me, “Paddle your arms. Kick your feet and don’t stop!”

I was afraid, yet determined. “Don’t let go, Daddy!” I would beg.

“I won’t,” he would reply assuringly.

When I would begin to do as he had instructed me, I could hear my mother’s voice – sometimes from the shore and sometimes in my head – yelling, “Be careful! Make sure she can touch before you let go!” When my dad would inevitably let go, I would always sink and have to be brought back up, spitting and sputtering.

My mom was and still is unable to swim. Her own fear of the water held me back from believing in my ability to become a swimmer as a kid. If family or those close to you have doubts in you or themselves, it is hard to have faith in yourself, but God never doubts you. When everyone around you says, “I don’t think you can,” remember that you are not alone. God is beside you, cheering you on.

Prayer: Dear God, I know that I can do nothing without You and the impossible with You. Please help my focus remain on You instead of on those with doubt around me.

Rebecca Kersey