Day 6

Read Mark 5:1-20
Focal Passage Mark 5:1-20

Afraid of the Wrong Things

It seems to me that the people in today’s passage were afraid of the wrong things. Verse 15 says they saw the man “dressed and in his right mind and they were afraid.” I understand their fear before that, when he was in the graveyard, naked and raging mad and violent, but sitting there, clothed and calm? Just what were they afraid of then? Could it be the power of Jesus to change any of us?

I’ve watched and listened to people over the years as they think about becoming a Christian and I’ve noticed that often they are afraid, but afraid of the wrong things. Sometimes they express fear of what might lie ahead if they do get saved rather than what will happen if they don’t!

They are concerned about lifestyle changes, giving up old habits and friends, and taking on the new attitudes and actions that will likely occur when they “get religion.” I think even Christians are often guilty of the same thing when challenged to live a deeper walk of faith. We are afraid to let Christ have complete control. The truth is that any life outside of His control is just plain out of control. Only when we live under His control are we truly at peace and living like we were meant to live. There is no need to fear a life or an eternity with Jesus, but there is reason to fear not letting Him have control.

Prayer: I pray, Lord, that we will spend enough time with You in prayer, bible study and worship that we will come to know the peace and joy and contentment of living under Your control. Help us never to fear what You might do with our lives as we try to live according to Your ways and purposes.

Pastor Terry