Day 5

Read Mark 4:1-41
Focal Passage Mark 4:35-41


In today’s Bible reading we see a great storm arise on the Sea of Galilee. The apostles and Jesus are in a small boat. The apostles are in great distress while Jesus is sleeping. I have read that the Sea of Galilee is 600 feet below sea level. There are ravines washed out converging to the head of this lake. These ravines act like great funnels drawing cold winds from the mountains. The Sea of Galilee can be beautiful and calm one minute and turn into a raging storm the next.

Life is like that, sometimes we enjoy great happiness, then suddenly without warning we are hit with great calamity. Many times these troubles are beyond our solution. Like the apostles, we cry out to Jesus for help. Praise God, Jesus is always there to “still” the storms of life. Our part is to trust Him and praise Him in all things!

Prayer: Lord, help us to stay close to You and trust in Your promises

Ken Barlow