Day 3

Read Mark 2:1-28
Focal Passage Mark 2:1-12

News Worth Repeating

BREAKING NEWS… Local Man Forgives His Neighbor. Would this news flash make the daily news show? Probably not. Our world is typically drawn to the sensational or impressive, such as: Miracle Cure – Man Speaks and Paralytic is Healed. Which event is the more important? In today’s reading, notice what action Jesus took first. He forgave the man and then he healed him of his physical disability. We don’t want to lose sight of the greater miracle.

As Christians, we have been spiritually healed. Has that become old news to us? Do we still have that desire for Jesus that we had when we prayed the sinner’s prayer? We don’t have to climb through the roof to get to Jesus. We can simply walk through the church doors. Sadly, we don’t have to fight the crowd either. However, we may have to remove some things from our lives so that we can get to Jesus.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for being the God of miracles. Most importantly, thank You for Your gift of salvation. Please light the fire in my heart again so that I may share Your good news with the world.

Shantel Parks