Day 24

Read Mark 16:1-20
Focal Passage Mark 16:1-7

Nothing is Too Big Or Too Small for God

The women in todayís passage headed for Jesusí tomb to anoint His body with burial spices. Naturally, they didnít know yet that He was alive again. On the way, they worried about who would move the huge stone that sealed the tomb so they could get in. When they got there, the stone had already been miraculously moved!

Sometimes I have to ask myself why I struggle with matters of faith practice each day, when I fully trust God to take me to heaven someday. If He has the power to raise the dead and give eternal life, canít He help me with smaller, everyday problems? Of course He can! So why do I worry?

How about you? Do you sometimes stew and fret and fear lifeís small problems when we actually have the resurrection power of Jesus with us? Letís learn from the scripture that God knows our needs even before we ask and is always there to work on our behalf. Letís just leave the big rock moving jobs to Him!

Prayer: Father, forgive our unbelief and help us to trust You for the right answers to our problems. We donít expect there to be no problems, but help us to expect that You will help us.

Pastor Terry