Day 23

Read Mark 15:21-47
Focal Passage Mark 15:27-32

The Ultimate Sacrifice

In today’s world, tragedies are happening all around us. Would any of us willingly give up our life for another? I’m not thinking of family, which would be easier, but rather anyone who needs help or even our enemies.

I often read or listen to news stories about someone being attacked, sometimes even fatally, while people look the other way. Whether out of fear or indifference, I don’t know. On the flip side, we do have public servants – firemen and policemen – who are willing to save people in need. However, even they don’t go on a call expecting to die.

In today’s passage our Lord Jesus did just that. Being sinless, He chose to leave His blessed home in heaven, become a man and in His perfect timing, be crucified for our sins. What great love Jesus showed by giving His life, not only for family and followers, but for those who mocked and tormented Him.

Prayer: Lord, help me to never take for granted the ultimate sacrifice You gave for my sins – death. Thank You for the great love You showed so I could have a relationship and a home in heaven with You.

Debbie Moss