Day 22

Read Mark 15:1-20
Focal Passage Mark 15:1-15

What to Do?

I can't help but put myself in Pilate's place after reading this passage and that raises the question, “Am I like Pilate or am I committed to Jesus no matter what others think?”

If I'm completely honest, I would have to say both. Although, I stay committed to the “Big 10” - the Commandments - sometimes, with my thoughts, actions, and words, I do follow the crowd. It's at these times that I let Jesus down. When this happens, I go to Jesus in prayer for counseling and to His word for guidance.

Remember, ALL have fallen short of the Glory, but we must remain committed to the cause by recognizing our faults and correcting them.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for Your sacrifice for my sins. Thank You for Your forgiveness. I pray You will continue to give me guidance and help me stand up for You in a crowd, even if it means I must do it alone.

Karl Kersey