Day 21

Read Mark 14:32-72
Focal Passage Mark 14:37, 66-72

Are We Ready for the Fight?

Itís easy to say we believe in God if we have nothing to lose. What if there comes a time when our life, or worse, our familyís lives were in jeopardy if we said we believed in Jesus and what he has done for us? Would we be like Peter? We may say we would never deny God, but I believe if we arenít prepared we might.

Our human nature alone couldnít stand up to that type of struggle. But with Godís strength we can handle anything. We have been blessed to be born into a country where we donít have to worry about losing our life because of our faith. Our world could change at any moment. We can see it more and more that the Christian religion is being trampled on over and over in our country. If we donít stand up to it now, how can we expect that we will if it ever becomes more dire?

We have to prepare ourselves for the fight and be ready for it if it ever comes. We have to know what God has told us to do in his Word and pray constantly for the knowledge and strength. If we prepare ourselves for the war, we will be able to handle the battles along the way.

Prayer: Lord, I confess that I donít spend enough time with you. I pray that you help me prepare so I can be ready. Not only for the war ahead, but for the everyday battles I have to fight along the way.

Melissa Meadows