Day 19

Read Mark 13:1-37
Focal Passage Mark 13:32-37


I think back to all the times I have planned a vacation, taking the time to plan out every last detail. After all of the planning, the day is finally approaching so you begin to pack your bags. You finish packing but you have a feeling that you have forgotten something, a feeling that wonít go away. Finally the day comes to leave on your well deserved vacation. You board your plane, get halfway through your flight, and realize what you forgot, the most important thing, all of your money!

What if you spend your whole life planning out your eternal vacation, waiting for the day that the Lord would return. You spend years preparing, but again, have that same feeling that you have forgotten something. You can sense that the time is getting closer, that anytime now Jesus will return and take you on your final vacation. Yet you canít get over the feeling that something is missing. You have forgotten something very important. You can feel the time growing closer and know that it could be at any moment when it hits you. The thing that you have been forgetting all along was the most important thing imaginable - the one and only ticket to get you into heaven, your salvation, the need for you repent and to ask God to forgive you for your sinful nature.

Some day the Lord Jesus Christ will return to take us home. It could be days, months, or even years. My question to you is. Are your bags packed?

Prayer: Father, forgive me for I am a sinner. Help me to lead a life free from sin and that is pleasing to you. Use me in all ways that you see fit because I am your servant.

Ryan Meadows