Day 18

Read Mark 12:28-44
Focal Passage Mark 12:41-44

"Free" Religion?

I started going to church when I was only five years old and I remember my parents giving me some change to put in my offering envelope for the first couple of years. Then I got a paper route at age seven and I began to make money of my own. My folks taught me to tithe Ė that is, to give ten percent of my income to the church. Back then, it amounted to less than a dollar a week. I give way more than that now, but that doesnít matter because I earn way more now! Ten percent is ten percent.

Itís not the size of the offering that counts but the size of the heart. Jesus saw that even though the woman gave a small amount, it was all she had. She gave her all to God while the others gave more money, but not nearly all they had. I just read that 40% of active church attenders give nothing to the church!

He is still watching today. Is He pleased with how you give?

Prayer: Father, forgive us when we selfishly keep Your money for ourselves. Help us to determine how much we ought to give and especially to give it cheerfully.

Pastor Terry