Day 17

Read Mark 12:1-27
Focal Passage Mark 12:13-17

What Does the Teacher Say?

I remember when I started to kindergarten. At first I didn’t want to go. I would cry and want to stay home. As the school year passed, it became easier, but later as I grew older I again had no desire to go to school. I even wanted to graduate high school early, but my parents and teachers thought differently. Being in school was best. The saying that “teacher knows best” could also read “parents know best”. It should always read “Jesus knows best”. Jesus is the greatest teacher we have. Even the Pharisees, though they had ulterior motives, knew He was a great teacher and went to Him for advice.

When we pray and read scripture, Jesus teaches us how we should live, including how to be good citizens. We try to follow His teaching on this, but He also said to be good citizens of God’s kingdom and that is even more important. In return for His teaching, we need to live our lives for Jesus, always giving back to Him because He has given us so much.

We can give in many ways through our tithes, talents, voices, and our time – through everything we do, teaching others who Jesus was and is today.

Prayer: Jesus, help me to follow Your word and to live a life that is pleasing to You.

Lori Britton