Day 13

Read Mark 9:33-50
Focal Passage Mark 9:33-35

First to the Lunchline

At Cedar Glades Children’s Camp, the cleanest cabin always got to go to lunch first. This particular year, there were four “girl” cabins - cabins 1-4. About the middle of the week, I heard cabins 1 & 2 arguing about whose cabin was the cleanest - each claiming theirs was by far the cleanest. They weren’t worried about the other cabins, hearing cabin 3 was messy and cabin 4 had cheated. When I asked them what they were arguing about, both cabins quickly said, “Nothing!”

However, at lunchtime cabin 3 was announced winner and cabin 4 came in second! Come to find out, cabin 3 heard that a girl from cabin 4 was in a wheelchair, unable to clean well and two of their other girls were hurt running down a rocky hill. Cabin 3 decided to help clean cabin 4 and then go back to their own and do the best they could with the time they had left.

A couple of the disciples were arguing about who was going to be greatest in God’s kingdom. When Jesus confronted them about what they were arguing about, they kept quiet, probably from shame. Jesus still addressed the argument to drive home the point to the disciples that if they wanted to be great in God’s Kingdom, they had to learn to be the servant of all! Jesus led by and was the perfect example of being a servant.

Most of the time, especially when we’re called on it, we know when we’re being prideful and selfish. But sometimes we focus on being “recognized” for the number 1 clean cabin and the “reward” it brings - first to the lunchline - when God wants us to be “recognized” and “rewarded” for being SERVANTS to others!

Prayer: Lord, help me not to be driven to be number one but instead be driven to be a servant.

Cheri Walters