Day 12

Read Mark 9:2-32
Focal Passage Mark 9:2-13


Remember when we were kids and played “King on the Hill” and when we liked to climb the highest tree. Most of us like to be up high and look down. The highest mountain top I was ever on was Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. There was snow there in the middle of July!

Life is full of mountain tops and valleys. I have experienced many wonderful mountain tops, as well as many dark deep valleys. I guess life would be dull if we didn’t have some ups and downs. They say we enjoy the sunshine more after the rain.

In our Bible reading, I believe the apostles (and maybe Jesus) were experiencing the valley of uncertainty and discouragement. Jesus, always doing the right thing, took His closest friends up on the mountain top. There His glory was revealed and they all were “revived”. We all need to be revived and encouraged from time to time. These verses should remind us all that someday we will be on the mountain top forever! Meanwhile, let’s go down in the valley and work for Jesus, just as Jesus did.

Prayer: Lord, revive and encourage us on the mountain tops and send us back to work in the valleys.

Ken Barlow