Day 11

Read Mark 8:1-9:1
Focal Passage Mark 8:27-30


When I was a small child, I was always asking questions. Why is the sun hot? Who is the man in the moon? Why can’t I have more ice cream? Sometimes I got the answers I wanted and sometimes I didn’t. Life is filled with questions. How long will I live? Will I have good health? Can I afford a vacation? Will my taxes get higher? Who will be the next president?

People have a lot of questions about God and heaven. Where is heaven? Where is hell? Can God be seen? What is God like? A very important question to ask is, “How can I get to heaven?” In our Bible reading, we find Jesus asking the greatest question to his followers. Jesus said, “Who am I?”

The people thought He was a prophet or John the Baptist back from the dead. You see the most important question is who Jesus is in each of our lives! Going to heaven is all about putting our total trust in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior! Jesus wants everyone to know who He truly is! He is the Only Way!

Prayer: Lord, I pray that all people might realize you are the Living Son of God and Savior for all.

Carolyn Barlow