Day 10

Read Mark 7:1-37
Focal Passage Mark 7:31-37

Give In

We’ve all been there…felt God telling us to speak up…telling us to tell everyone what He’s done for us. But what do we do the majority of the time? We stay quiet and we don’t "give in" to the conviction God is putting on us.

The people in this passage just couldn’t be quiet. They couldn’t stop telling others what Jesus had done. Why aren’t we doing the same? We witness miracles every day and God rarely gets the credit for them, even from His own people. We may know that it was God, but the lost world needs to know too.

We all have an excuse for why we don’t tell people about Jesus; we don’t know what words to use, we’re afraid they will mock us or not take us seriously… and the list goes on. It’s a good thing Jesus didn’t have an excuse not to die on the cross for us. All of our excuses are pathetic considering all that God has done and is still doing for us. He has an answer for the excuses…PRAY! God will give us the courage and the strength to tell others about Him. We need to give in to the conviction He has put on all of our hearts. We need to be armored with the Word of God and pray for the courage, so when we face the world we will be ready to "give in".

Prayer: Lord, give me the courage to speak up and tell the world about You. I want to give in to conviction I feel. Work on me, Lord, to get into the practice of being in Your Word like You’ve told us to do.

Melissa Meadows