Col. 1:27; Ps. 25:3; Rom. 5:5, 8:24, 15:4, 13; Heb. 6:19

Definitions: World’s hope – wishful thinking Biblical hope - a confident expectation of the future
Open It 1. Based on the biblical definition of hope, what are you hoping for? 2. What do you think makes the difference in the two concepts of hope? (Consider Rom. 15:4, 13) Examine It 3. How can we know that what we’re hoping for will indeed happen? God’s P_________ to us (Titus 1:1-2) God’s P_________ in us (Col. 1:27, Rom. 15:13) God’s P_________ for us (Ps. 28:7) Live It 4. How does having this real hope affect the way we live in the present? (Titus 2:11-14, 2 Cor. 3:12) A_______ S___ (Titus 2:11 “…say no to ungodliness and worldly passions…”) B___ B_____ (2 Cor. 3:12 “…since we have such hope, we are very bold.”) C_______ Y__________ (Titus 2:12 “…live self-controlled…”) D___ G_____ W______ (Titus 2:14 “…eager to do what is good.”)
Answers: #3 - Promise, Presence, Power; #4 - Avoid Sin, Be Bold, Control Yourself, Do Good Works