Heb. 11:1, 6; Rom. 1:16-17, 10:17, 14:23; James 2:17

Open It
        1.  Have you ever believed absolutely that something would happen, only to later be disappointed?
                 How did you handle that?
        2.  Have you ever gone against nearly everyone else to believe something would happen or was right 
                 and eventually you were proven right?		How did you feel?

Explore It
        3.  If salvation is a gift from God, how does our faith figure in?  
            Why is faith so important?
        4.  People often say they need more faith; Jesus said even a little faith can do great things, 
                yet our faith should grow.  Discuss the idea of increased faith:
	5.  In what areas of our daily Christian walk is faith needed?
        6.  What does it say about our faith when we don’t act unless we can “see” the steps or results 
                ahead of time or feel that we need to figure out the outcome first?

Apply It
        7.  What can you do beginning today to increase your faith and put actions to it?