"D" is for Devotion

Ex.20:3; Matt.6:33; Luke 10:38-42; 2 Chron. 16:1-11

Devotion: Being ardently dedicated and loyal to God and therefore consistently spending time with Him.
Open Up 1. What do you think the average person is devoted to? (How much money and time is spent is a good indication.) Think It Through 2. To be devoted to God one will... D_________ God first. D_____ with Sin D_________ on God D__ what God Says Apply It 3. Check out your own level of devotion and find ways to make it better: set up personal time with God on a daily basis; confess specific sins and determine how to get them out of your life; find ways to trust God more and self (or others or the ways of man) less; put into practice the scriptures you read and hear.
Answers to #2: Desire, Deal, Depend, Do